Hi everyone!  I'm one of your new mods here at blaine_kurt.   I'm so happy I can be a part of this fantastic community.

I plan to help start up our weekly episode watches, every Tuesday at 8pm, this Tuesday.   

Now, I have a new idea, and this is up to the entire group.  I thought people might be interested in Glee Rewatches.   We could start with the pilot and then just go through the whole series.   Also, maybe A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and other Starkid or Darren-related watches.  

This is up  to all of you.   I'm attaching a poll, to gauge interest and to find the best times for everyone.   Now, as we're about to head into a hiatus (Booooo!), the first few rewatches can just take place in the time frame of the usual glee episodes, but after that. . . . 

So, here we go: 

Collapse )

I'm looking forward to our episode watches!

Election 2008

Ya know what?? I'm not sure I even care anymore - my voice doesn't matter in this one. Why bother even voting - and don't say to have a voice - when you live in a state that has been Blue as long as I know, and when Obama's leading majorly in polls, it REALLY REALLY isn't going to make that much difference



The Crocodile Hunter has past away earlier today. . . :( so sad. I loved his show, and my mom and I watched it together every chance we got. My thoughts go to Terri and the children, Bindi Sue and Bob.

RIP Timon

I also forgot to mention that my poor cherry barb, Timon, has also passed on. Unfortnately there was no clear evidence that my female bettas were attacking the cherry barbs so I was only contemplating moving Frankie. They have now been removed to protect the others.
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My my my

It's been a while huh?

I've been busy.

This year probably has been one of the best for me. Excluding certain events.

I'll try to keep more updated.
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